Foundations and Slabs

Without a doubt, slab foundations have advantages and disadvantages. Even though they can become damaged, they're very popular, especially in warm climates. Property owners in those parts of the county where it freezes for months on end typically opt for a different kind of foundation. That’s because concrete slabs would crack if continually exposed to temperatures below 0 (and certainly as low low as -15 or -30 degrees.)

Geography and weather conditions dictate the type of foundation that is best for you. Because of area weather, they often have issues that require solutions. It’s important to learn why slab foundation service is frequently needed. Sometimes it’s due to shifting soil. Foundation movement can crack slabs and harm the foundation. Fortunately, many problems are easily remedied.

The slab foundation is generally referred to as “slab on grade” foundations. Constructed of concrete, they became popular in the 1950's. In the 21st century, they are still widely constructed.


  • One of their many benefits is that these foundations are generally less expensive to construct that pier and foundations. Since wooden members such as floor joists aren’t required, as they are with pier and beam structures, that price is eliminated. In addition, since there is no crawlspace under them, utility bills associated with air conditioning and heating are lowered.
  • Another advantage of having a concrete slab foundation is that it doesn’t take long to create them. The slab itself is poured in a single day. Of course, there is preparation work in advance. The entire process can often be accomplished in four days from start to finish, assuming weather is not a problem.
  • Since there is no crawlspace (or airspace) under them, utility bills associated with air conditioning and heating are lowered.
  • Mold and mildew are not an issue, nor or rodents or insects. That’s because there is no space under the slab for mold to form or rodents to nest.
  • They allow for a wider range of flooring options, including stained or scored concrete.

If your house has foundation settlement or slab fractures, you may need foundation service.

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